WE provide free eyecare


Do you know someone who could use new glasses?

Amaus Vision provides free eye exams and glasses to people in need.

Eye exams and eye glasses are unaffordable for many in our community. No one should have to choose between healthy vision and other necessities.

Vision is a gift often taken for granted. And sometimes vision gradually worsens and we don’t even notice it.

Make sure you and those you care about protect their vision.

Getting an appointment is easy!
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why focus on eyecare?

Clear vision is a gift. It helps us:

1 Stay safe

Don’t miss the fine print on medicine bottles and warning signs at a distance—especially while driving.

2 Be effective

Excel at work or school. Read instructions and messages without squinting or headaches. Notice details that you would otherwise miss.

3 Appreciate life

See the full beauty of a sunset, a loved one’s face, or your favorite movies and TV shows.

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100% donations

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Amaus Vision Services is an outreach program of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception